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Forum Thread: Plan Submission

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Posted on: 5/8/15 12:02 AM

User 0369
Joined: 6/1/2012
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Plan Submission

As a participant in the Strong Cities Strong Communities Challenge, your team may submit a Plan as required in Phase Two of this competition. You can access the Plan submission page by clicking on "Phase Two-Plan Due 6/1/2015" at the top of the page, or by going to the Dashboard drop-down menu and selecting “Plan Submission.”

Before working on your Plan, please review the Economic Development Plan Instructions page under “Build Your Plan" in the About menu at the top of the page.

There are eight required sections of the Plan Submission. In the first section, you will enter the list of your team members in this box.

If your team is registered as a group of individuals, then you must only list members of your team who have also completed the registration process. Do not list non-registered individuals in this box if you’ve selected to categorize your team as a group of individuals.

If you have categorized your team as a legal corporation, either a recognized business or nonprofit, then you will also list the members of your team here. For corporate teams, you can list non-registered individuals, non-profit organizations, and/or business entities, as long as they are employees of or have affiliation with your legal corporation.

After listing your team members, please identify your team's primary contact and his or her contact information. Your primary contact may be contacted if the proposal screening team has any questions about your proposal or if we need to contact your team regarding your rank order of performance.

In the next two sections, you will upload your Economic Development Plan and Endorsements. Click "Select” to find and upload the appropriate file. After uploading each of those files, you may click “Remove” if you decide to change the file that you plan to submit. You can continue to upload and change files for your Plan, until the Submission deadline.

In the final video pitch section, you will first upload your video to YouTube and then copy and paste your YouTube Video ID into the box provided. If you need help finding your video ID, click the “video” link for help. Once you click the update button, your video should appear on the Plan Submission page.

After completing all eight required sections, please click “Save Now”. When you save your Plan, the requirements status at the top of the page will update, showing how many of the required sections of the Plan that you have completed. 

Before you assume that your Plan has been completed, check for any uncompleted requirements at the top of the page and click save one last time. You have until the application deadline of June 1 to finalize your Plan by making any necessary changes.

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